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BrikWorm Chain

May 18th, 2018:

Digital channel routing allows any individual input channel to be routed to any individual output channel. Not pairs, or lots of 4, or even anything as gross as lots of 8 - INDIVIDUAL channels. Of course, if the channels are already grouped in stereo or 5.1, they can be routed together or separately, whatever's best for the application!

The method we're using is completely scaleable, and just for fun we tried it on a high-capacity logic device which gave us 3,300 individual input channels to any of 3,300 individual output channels. That's 3,300 channels at a base sample rate of 48kHz, or to put it a different way more than 200 channels at 768kHz sample rate.

That means we can cope (and will be coping) with ultra-high bandwidth and multiple different formats.


April 8th, 2018:

Analogue-to-analogue latency results:
48kHz is <0.35ms
96kHz is <0.2ms
192kHz is <0.15ms


August 2017:

The next-generation BrikWorm is in design!

The BrikWorm Chain takes modularity to its limit. Not only are separate modules plug-and-play, but the internal electronics is also plug-and-play within units, making a virtually unlimited range of products possible.

The Chain can have any topology including daisy-chain, spurs and stars. Maximum number of CAT-5-interconnected nodes: 4095.

Last tidbit... the Chain can also mix, record and is WiFi-controllable.....

More information will be posted here when available. The Chain will be available when it's complete, tested, working and ready for use in anger. (see our Commitment)



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